On The Horizon, Smoke!

Cameco is down big time.

In the old days, before property taxes, once a fire got started out here it pretty much went everywhere.

If you could see it, it was likely going to affect you.

That’s how far ahead folks HAD to look – at least to the edge of their vision. And seasons were the time frames / building blocks of most lives.

It’s gonna be spring. Fall and oh my gawd, it’s spring again!

The seasons we are about to enter will be based more on wind direction than anything else. Conversations like: OH! It’s a Noreaster! Honey we’ll be okay on Tuesday the 16th.

Or: It’s Due West on the long weekend! Right on, we can see the kids!

And all these decisions will be based on No Smoke.


We need another invisible thing to control us. The old gods were getting boring. These ones at least got a bit of bite to ’em.

But like too many mosquitoes can ruin a wonderful walk, these tasteless, scentless beggars mean business.

Fortunately for us, countries around the globe are ending their honeymoon with the magic sparkle rods that never go out.

And none too soon.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. If just one person asks me to clarify this, I will.


    Mom? Are you still getting my emails?


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