Our Will To Succeed Is Totally Lost Unless We Draw It A Map

you were here now you are lost sign

Most folks ignore considering how their intentions will be implemented.

They espouse grandiose schemes about how quickly

everything will be coming up roses but by focusing

on the desired results lay the groundwork for the

utter failure of their enterprise on account of

there not being a well thought out plan on

how said accomplishment will be born

into reality. Nope, in order for our

goals to be truly realized it is

imperative that we devise

detailed steps on how

this is to come to

pass because

without those concise directions we sadly wind up nowhere fast.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




2 Responses to “Our Will To Succeed Is Totally Lost Unless We Draw It A Map”

  1. Orient the map to the north by putting a big N at the top of the page. Think about the context of the map and make signs or drawings to indicate large landmarks, such as a freeway, lake or mall.
    Tracy recently posted..Learning how to approach that girl


    Barry Williams Reply:

    That woiks for maps but not people.


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