Pedestrian Crosswalks As A Profit Center

boys selling lemonade

Most folks in Airdrie, Alberta missed a mind bending show on Aug. 1, 2012.

They weren’t traveling in their car on Big Springs Drive so sadly they did

not encounter capitalism at its finest when several of that great city’s

youngest entrepreneurs set up a lemonade, bottled water and

freezee trap for every vehicle not voluntarily stopping within

their kill zone. The ringleader of said ambush appeared to

be a cheeky twelve year old girl who stopped everyone

attempting to enter their turf by using the crosswalk

and as she danced through a driver’s immediate

horizon she faced the vehicle and bellowed

water!… lemonade! and frozen freezies!

Right Here!! (as she swayed her arms

and gaze toward the kid serve us

and administration team who

were now applauding from the sidewalk in anticipation.)

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Shit’s easy.


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