Peek A Boo Hoo

Why can’t we be pals people?

How come you feel

Driven to look

Through my


Thank you, friend.


6 Responses to “Peek A Boo Hoo”

  1. Please turn your mind control guns and what have you off because we’re running out of wine in here and there’s women and children.

    I’m no David Koresh.

    Doncha know?

  2. No big pitchure unless I want big pitchure.

    You got dat fren?

  3. Required? I don't know... on October 31st, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    248 visits!?! Those dudes must LOVE you. I wonder if they’ve learned anything vital to their security or the proper lyrics to those songs.

  4. Homeland Security is a fan and I have no doubt they will continue to be.

    If I’m a really good boy they might give me a job surfing and jerking which would be rat up mah alley!

    Bring it on brothers and sisters!

  5. Carly Simon has the widest mouth I have ever seen, but she sings alright.
    Don recently posted..CommentLuv Is Coming Soon

  6. i see dude parked out on the street.

    cap pulled down low over his face.

    watching every keystroke…

    meanwhile someone steals a newspaper from a 7-11.

    ain’t we got somepin better ta do?

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