Please Let My Daily Bred Load Be Light

i can have more right sir

Today I ask my recently past father and all dead relatives of my mother’s not to weigh so heavily upon wee Barry.

Let his genes account for the push that certainly must come from being fed too

much or too little but let’s mostly keep their influence to the girth of his

waist and overall body makeup while allowing dude the freedom

to go far beyond the near impact of his blood line. I suggest

all ghosts release their twist on poor Barry’s alcohol intake

and stop pressing dude’s luck on account of there only

being so much and him already using a lot of it up.

Folks which are forced to hang out with dude

would also ask if youse could somehow

allow him to let go of his dreadful

need to be rat even when all indications support him being wrong.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. Ernie’s clicking his fingers.

    Hands up everybody.


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