Plenty ‘O People Isn’t As Simple As Dey All Firss Comes Across

two simple fellows

Many folks understand there is more than one game going on.

They realize that Jerry ain’t here for a beer even though he’s a drankin’

one. Nope, they know full well without lettin’ on that dude actually

needs a hurry loan and they also deciphered that that call

from a “wrong number” was really a legal document

service company checking to see if they

were home so when anyone is

speaking to these type ‘o

people they should

remember tabs

are being kept on everything said, not said, and done.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Got some’n in yer pockit buoy?


One Response to “Plenty ‘O People Isn’t As Simple As Dey All Firss Comes Across”

  1. Sigmund Freud founded the discipline of psychoanalysis. This comment is totally based on his theory. As it’s explained on the title, in synthesis, everybody is different and has its own issues, some people more that other.
    Sometimes while we’re speaking to our friends, we don’t realize some one is paying more attention than the others and furthermore, memorizing each word that we are saying.
    When suddenly any topic comes up, this person already knows what we’re going to say, whilst the other don’t have a clue. These people can decipher what you going to do, because they have been putting attention.
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