Politics = Bath Water

Most folks know about mold.

They understand it gets on

cheese as well as other

stuff and as long as

you ain’t too

squeamish the good stuff is only a scrape away.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Who knows a tub what doan need cleaning or a Roman what doan need scraping?

Muss be getting sweaty under that mask…

Only A Motion Away – Paul Simon

One Response to “Politics = Bath Water”

  1. As the oldest of five children I was the last to bath in our family.

    Every Sunday night unless we needed it through the week my mother would heat water on the stove and with a portable heating element in a five gallon pail for the family bath. We had running water everywhere, it was just cold is all.

    Our sewer was functional to say the very best about it so at least a plug could be pulled and with regular frequency the plug puller could assume that the water was being drained to somewhere not inside the house.

    One day someone before me in the family bath (one of my four younger brothers and sister) pulled the box of Tide detergent over into the bathtub and then must have taken it right back out because within five minutes of relaxing in my previously owned bath water my scrotum began to burn like this minute would last forever.

    Then it caught fire.

    Okay, not like there were actual flames or anything but wrapping my bag in something cotton would have been out of the question.

    Chemical burns on my Nads. Sheeit man, I git that from mah family…


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