Praise The Lawd For Rob Fawd

My weight don’t jive with yer numbers.

My attitude don’t check at the door.

And no, you don’t need my jacket

Cause I’ll need it to pick myself off the floor.


I will act…act, act myself out.

I’ll act out all of my time. MY TIME.

You’ll know me because ‘o my act.

As I’m acting out all of my time.


If you prefer actors to people

Who act like they’re prim and so sane,

Then you ain’t gonna like my behaviour

Because I’m going to act out once again!


Act Out! Act Out! Oh bring back being real to me, to me!

Act Out! Act Out! Oh bring back being real to meeee!


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Who the fuck cares whether I agree with rob ford or not?! It ain’t about agreeing, its about this guy hurting no one but himself IF EVEN THAT! Rob Ford is a politician and politicians lie. Have to to be politicians.


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