Put As Much Shite As Possible On Fully Automatic

someone get the door process

Most folks misunderstand that they already use systems and processes.

They’re either ill-defined or unconsciously implemented but nevertheless,

procedures are being followed – often to disastrous ends which by rights

should illuminate less guilt on the part of the purveyor and a bit more

responsibility on behalf of the implementer. More often than

not this process leading to good or bad results remains

hidden behind a flurry of events for which few

wish to admit blame and many want to

accept credit. This old dance of

hogging and dodging for

effect redirects

attention from process

development and the grand

benefits which accrue from positive,

easily duplicatable action.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



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4 Responses to “Put As Much Shite As Possible On Fully Automatic”

  1. Not certain if you had been targeting a beginer or a novice

  2. My target market is anyone who can read and who likes swearing.

  3. Spielautomaten auf zocken ist cool!

  4. Ja!


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