Reading Motivational or Knowledge Books Is A Total Waste Of Time Unless

Innocent folks get sent to prison.

While in the big house, these beggars catch on real slow and often have a tough time of it.

Most become model convicts but still there is little chance of the majority making the recidivism roles even after some of them spending decades inside learning the ropes.

And this is exactly the same human result for most scheduled training seminars, morale programs, books and videos. 

With little skin in the game folks show up bodily but abandon their advancement capabilities and growth potential at home.

Probably not a bad decision because if curiosity and passion aren’t present, nothing’s gonna happen anyway.

And these are things best kept hidden these daze. Right?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Skip an episode of Dancing With The Stars and get a pass out of Mind Jail FREE!

Woe be to us when shite starts getting a little HOT here like it is for these poor bastards in Japan. Hooped would be a kind word for their plight.


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