Real Time Mandala

Ran as slow as he could he did

And the past fell apart behind him.

In the present they would not find him.

Always fought the good fight.

Fought like hell then took flight.

Saw that something wasn’t right

But slowed down a little too fast.

Took everything off the gas.

And when time came to pass

It wrecked on the outside.

You. Now. Don’t. Drive.

You ride the hole ride.

Stick to the water side.

That net will take your head off!

2 Responses to “Real Time Mandala”

  1. Goddamn kid died on a waterslide because the world is far more twisty than a friggin waterside!
    Barry Williams recently posted..Real Time Mandala

  2. And they’re knocking down statues. Isn’t that De Talibani’s job right dare?
    Barry Williams recently posted..Real Time Mandala

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