Remind Me Not To Tell You About Liberty City

There is no place a person can go to do whatever they want.

Bump into people. Ram them with your car. Whack

them too many times with a baseball bat or

a Fucking Ak 47.  And there shouldn’t

be such a place because if there

was everyone would want

to go there and there

aren’t enough tools

for everyone. Ya?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

GTA 5. Soon.

3 Responses to “Remind Me Not To Tell You About Liberty City”

  1. GTA 5 is coming out and I have little doubt it will be better than real life without the stains.

  2. So, there’s the life response to your comment about not being such a place – behold – GTA!
    Lily Rose recently posted..Idebenone

  3. Whale Oil Beef Hooked!

    Der IS such a place?!

    If there was a prize then missy, you’d be gittin’ it.

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