Right After Ordering a $1,000 Happy Face Sign I Started Shitting My Pants

Ken Yuel photo of Barney's MotelAll my life I’ve gone too far.

Said a little too much. Stayed a little too long. (or not long enough) And done shite I wish I hadn’t.

But not all the regretful crap I pulled was bad. Not once people got over the initial shock and things simmered down, anyway.

Still, my shenanigans caused business partners to question my sanity – especially at Barney’s Motel.

My sins there were never big but usually overwhelmingly stupid. Like spending $1,000 on a happy face when we had only $9,000 to our name.

Fortunately, this simple and crazy maneuver took us waay out of the room rate race we had been running with our motel competitors and into a human race where few dared to enter.

Hail, even I was scared silly.

In a funny sort of way.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I spilled my guts to a Kentucky psychiatrist once and he went and advertised it. Sheesh!

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One Response to “Right After Ordering a $1,000 Happy Face Sign I Started Shitting My Pants”

  1. Besides thinking me strange for trying this stuff – we had three new signs in three years when the old Barney’s Motel sign had lasted for forty years – our partners were at a significant loss in their humor department.

    And they didn’t need any money or hassle so our silly efforts were really treading on soft ground.

    Tippy toes was how we got around…

    And it worked.


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