Safeguard All Favors For Every One Changes How We Perceive Reality

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Many folks have found themselves carrying out some deed they dread doing.

It might be cutting a lazy holidayer’s lawn because “we’re neighbors and you know I’d do it for you” when its doubtful they would or perhaps its just walking so-in-so’s slobberingly huge bloody dog who is so obviously

not a graduate of Shoulder Savior Doggie Obedience School but whom

knows quite well how to produce piles of massive mutt mounds.

It does not even matter if the voluntary service we offer

is of a very minor nature, the mere act of making

ourselves vulnerable to the needs of another

will cause us to like that person more because what

kind of moron performs good turns for bad people? Not us.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


4 Responses to “Safeguard All Favors For Every One Changes How We Perceive Reality”

  1. See? Ats why we must help ourselves. We’ll like ourselves more…


  2. and become a giver and the taker at the same time..experiencing the joys of both polarities at once. happiness overload. I like myself more as we speak 🙂
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    May I say Madam that you look different, too?

    Well, you appear the same but something in your eye whole has changed, no?


  3. It must be the lighting 🙂
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