Screw Looking Both Ways. You… You Look Suspicious.


Telescopes dodge about their twin black holes,

He sees what he’s looking for.

Try, just try to hide from his sight,

Matter don’t matter no more.

(how does he do it? ) and 

(Why, oh why does he do it?)


Because he looks so suspicious. (He does…)

God damn he looks sooo suspicious…


When people peer askance at dude,

Feels to him like they glare straight through.

But one dermis down they can’t see shit,

Cause whatever they do see ain’t true.

(Don’t out the truth if it’s in there, son.)

(Don’t you ever, ever out the truth!)


Dude sure looks suspicious, yeah.

Lookit him looking suspicious, boy.

(Maybe he went and took bad, ya think?)

(Could be that boy’s all bad.)


The people he knew were poor actors,

No one seemed to know their part.

Still, pity the player who asks for direction,

Cause they’ll rip out that player’s heart. (They will.)

(They’ll tear a poor bastard limb from limb.)

(They tore that poor bastard apart!)


Cause he was suspicious. Yes, he was.

He was just a bit too suspicious, yeah.

Why was he sooo suspicious? Hmm?

It don’t work being so suspicious… 


(Now, lay off them questions! Y’ hear…? Y’ hear?!)

(Just lay off’n them questions is all.)


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Maybe some people are hired  because they sway attention…

Two swayers up front and a swayer in back

Make a monkey in the middle see through.

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  1. air ees no trute cept fer rat now.

    ats true.

    uh, now not.

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