She Preferred Her Red Wine In A Coffee Cup. Don’t Dare Mix It Up.


She liked to sup.

As in “was up?” and tipping plentya tippy cup

Full of nummy nupp-nupps,

It’s all hush, hush.

You hear me? Shush!

Grr, you friggin lush!

You Hear? It’s hush shush!


She was so liked as such.

Deep in her cups though

She don’t feel much. Like it’s all gone,

Or never was but you Baz,

You say it’s all because…

Maybe never was. Could be never was.

Just because.

Right Baz?


She oppressed she did,

As she couldn’t impress. Upon them

at her behest. She would loudly attest.

Make them Me blessed!

She was so obsessed with being blessed…

By those who couldn’t have cared less.

But man, still, she pressed!

You make them bless!

You hear me Jess?!


Maybe she’s at rest.

That red stained pistol grip coffee cup

All fly poop and fly puky on her desk.

Maybe she’s at rest.

There’s no more “You go Jess and you make them like me!”

and do this so they think that.


Her cup’s alone there, dangling in time.

So costly to carry, it rests.

It rests and maybe she rests.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




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