Shit Is Constantly Hitting The Fan Making Where One Stands All Important

man being gored in ass by bull

Most folks don’t attempt to predict the future.

They have enough on their plate just getting

through today never mind trying to guess

what will happen tomorrow or the day

after tomorrow or any time beyond

the day after that day and sadly

these same people, being so

totally focused in the mo

ment, seldom imagine

their life course can be altered because they don’t see one.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Yeah… Susan?

Stan Findlay here Susan. Uh, real sorry Susan… we’re gonna need you to work this weekend after all.

Sorry about your vacation… the other pharmacists called in seek.

And hey Susan… everyone at corporate really, really appreciates your sacrifice…


The Rot Runs Deep 3: The Capture of the Professional Class

Shit is real. Real scary.

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