Shit Swamp and Dying

Eight days ago I was fishing in shit swamp, a little hole in my home’s basement which connects me to the world wide sewer. A tree had choked the life out of my foulish liquified exhaust pipe, creating all manner of distasteful blow-back.

As I stared gratefully catch-less for several hours into the ploppy abyss, fruitlessly operating a wind em up snake snag snuffer my mind wandered on such things which will  amaze you, as they alarmed me. In future posts I shall allude to said thoughts in order to trigger your own shooting finger.

Ambitious evolution, lets call it.

Then, to top everything off, word came this morning that my father was checking out.

He needs witnesses and apparently I am qualified.

I’ll be off the grid for a while but thinking of you, none-the-less.

Until then, friend.

Barry out.

5 Responses to “Shit Swamp and Dying”

  1. While operating my stinky snake I thought about:

    A Person Convinced Against Their Will Is Of The Same Opinion StillPolarization and How we can avoid it.

    We Stink and Don’t Know It: only technology keeps that realization distant and fifteen hours after severed sewers, our abodes become worthless.

    Charisma Is Dangerous: Sex appeal and nicy-nice-nice steal our minds and we don’t have enough left to think properly. Not fair.

    Julien Janes’ Bicameral Mind: If God is talking to you, get ready to be disappointed.

    The Emotional Grid: You have a bio-clock, yes? I can predict shite about you based on that and once randomness is replaced by intent, weird shite happens.

    Entanglement – ever try wrapping up two electrical cords in the same room? Chaos isn’t just a word, it rears its ugly head through entanglement at every opportunity.

    These thoughts and more I got from staring into a puddle of my own piddle. Take THAT cave-dwellers! 😉

  2. Mind Change By Sword: at one time, thousands of minds where changed every day by sword. Now how many?!

  3. The other day I shook my finger at some people I knew after warning them that I was going to. I asked them if they ever considered the power in cultural cues like the accusatory finger I was wagging at them.

    No, they said. And they warned me not to wag my finger in their face again for no reason.

    I did.

    Their perturbation matched my intrigue as I attempted and failed to prove my point to them.

    We are controlled by slight maneuvers and all manner of innuendo.

    Really Friggin Amazing.

  4. A few years ago I asked my father if there was any chance I could be smarter than him.

    He choked on the autonomic expulsion of air from his body.

    Maybe, dad said cautiously. It’s entirely possible … 😉

    Perhaps my dad is the smartest dude in our family. But that don’t bode well for my stunned kids or their retarded chilluns and the misfits they invent, I can tell you right now.

    Something else I thought about.

  5. Good luck Barry. Sorry to hear about your Father, I lost mine when I was 17. I’m now 9 years older than he was when he died. One things for sure though, I’m going to die as well. Sure things aren’t worth worrying about. Hope to see you back here soon.

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