Smell How You Want But Rude Is Definitely Out

Some folks act like they’re directing their own game.

Along the way they will find out that “THERE

IS NO GAME” without other folks and

everyone is just playing with

themselves until they

exit their own game and get into the big one.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


2 Responses to “Smell How You Want But Rude Is Definitely Out”

  1. and noooooooooooobody’s winning! ever! or we all do.

    guess that all the stuff that the gym teacher has been telling us is pretty wrong.
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Well uh, not so fast.

    The gym teacher might be talking about 1. taking a shot for the team 2. Not taking a shot for the team (as in missing) 3.occupying a spot on the bench for the team and 4. How about transferring to another team where we’d like you better?

    This mass confusion stuff ain’t as simple as it first appears pal.


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