Snag That Handrail So We Can Head Safely Down Into The Bowels Of Hell

The last thing folks ought to do is slip and fall down the stairs entering Hades.

Its not bad enough that a person is even headed that way and now

they want to add insult to injury? But this is what awaits every

sad puppy from Life Over Ave who perform their existence

ending maneuver for recognition, vengeance or in some

twisted plea for respect. Anyone planning to Leave

With Notice by taking a few innocent souls via

explosive detonation or horrific memories

of messy exits now requiring clean up

and psychic hauling should ponder

hard about how their gimmick

will affect those remaining

because how folks think

about us after we’re

gone affects our

destination &

method of


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Wikipedia says one million people opt out of the fourth dimension every year by suicide. I say that if we count the folks who work, serve or drive themselves to early death and who are also committing suicide – numbers for suicide would be in the tens of millions.



4 Responses to “Snag That Handrail So We Can Head Safely Down Into The Bowels Of Hell”

  1. Every day these daze the news tells of another suicide bomber or wacko killing people close to them.

    Too bad these folks don’t know about the Tenth Dimension.


  2. A person don’t have to yell when they quit a relationship and no mess is required in quitting life, either.

    Even producing pining is a form of mutual suicide on account of a sixth dimension life being attached to a fourth dimension life and the fourth dimension life not being exercised in the proper dimension.

    Rob Bryanton. What a fucking guy!


  3. Sometimes when I write drunk I make sense and often I doesn’t.

    Shes all hit and miss Vilfredo Pareto style.


  4. Much of what I write must be read when inebriated and then shit gets clear as spit.


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