So Many Good Liars Are Lying Today Its A Challenge To Tell Real Lies From Truth

President Obama campaigned and was elected on his slogan “Change We Can Believe In”.

After attending a few of Oh’s concerts by proxy many folks around the planet are now feeling that the more things “change” the more they “stay the same” which ultimately equates to the majority of the crap out of “The Man’s” mouth

being either straight malarkey or at least a decent curve ball. Yet, some of the

biggest whoppers ever contrived have no voice and carry zero sound

because they are fibs of omission usually designed to encourage

silence from someone whose admission would negatively

influence other people’s perception and somehow

limit or reduce control. When reality finally

does leak out its restricted dripping a

wee bit at a time means that few

followers will connect many

dots meaning that these

daze two plus two equals “what were we just talking about?”.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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