Some Guys Forced My PhD Bro-in-Law To Leap* From His Own Comfy Couch

Swat TeamA few folks tossing a ball around have the power to control millions.

Millions of dollars, human brains, t-shirts and everything else that can be logo manufactured.

Plus enough beer / food / travel and life support logistics to sustain large armies.

Something thought unbelievable only a few short decades ago.

This power seems to transmute well remotely, too. Over SMART phones even.

All to create a few billion sports fanatics.

Harnessed followers of all sorts.

Good gig if you can get it.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

* his favorite sports team (Saskatchewan Rough Riders) lost the Grey Cup in the last two seconds of the game causing him to be bodily thrown by team loyalty from his chesterfield. It was quite a sight. Both my brother-in-law and most other sports fans get this commercial, too. Ya have to in order to play along… just like da guys in swat. (its called shuttin’ off human SOH)

4 Responses to “Some Guys Forced My PhD Bro-in-Law To Leap* From His Own Comfy Couch”

  1. Sports teams have maneuvers called The ShotGun and Swat Teams have quarterbacks.

    Gladiators and Sports Heroes got lots in common.


  2. And Smith, when you come to work tomorrow I want you to slide in here like it was home plate.

    Got that?

    Got it coach.



  3. And uh what’s his name was winner of the what-cha-ma-callit trophy last year, too.



  4. And we want you to purchase season tickets.

    Because seasons can and will be sold.

    Line up starts here.


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