Some War’s About Fightin’ Wars

You do. You do.

It’s all about doing.

Baby, you do me in.

I don’t know where to begin but

Doing, it soon wears thin.

Dead guys with clean clothes.

Been there, seen doze.

Mirror bullets for Werewolves.

Stand back, the door’s closin’.

Touch Baby, but not those ones.

Those’ll just blow us away.

And Baby, I want us to stay.

Pretend it’s just another day.

Baby, we’ll take time to play.

Then this day won’t drag us out,

Put us down, make us talk mean.

It certainly won’t blow us away!


From then on we’ll watch what we say.

We’ll play the game.

If we’re careful, the same

Outcome will become the

Real one we wanted.

Smile. Nod your head. It’s okay.

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