Sonofabitch! The Brutal Truth!

You are a body rider only

Like a well trained horse, you control your body to a certain extent, and that body allows you to ride it. Cry about it’s size or weight, your body doesn’t care. Sonofabitch will shit your pants and cramp you not to mention projectile vomit. Even caring people that treat their bodies with the utmost love and respect will be attacked and killed. Some horribly slowly. Why? Nobody knows so watch it.

Everything you know is a wrong

So this is the end of all learning? Everything is figured out? The earth was round then flat then round now flat. The table of elements started with one element. Red was red. Too fast was forty miles per hour. The Beverley Hillbillys were funny at the same time Nixon wasn’t a crook. JFK had an aneurysm and it was Oswald with maybe Ruby. Winning the lottery is a good thing and you’ll be different on vacation. Ya.

Hard gets easy

Use your body the way it uses you. Repetition direction. Talking is hard. Walking is hard. Staying calm is hard but through bitten tongue and unshat shit, hard gets easy.

Busy kids are easy money

Fuck attention deficit disorder. Our amusement park directors have so many games on the go that almost no one can walk through the playground without tossing a dart or two. Life is filled with games presented by ‘leaders’ of all sorts. Check the admission price against what you can win before stepping up to the thousand home bases.


Doing the wrong thing three times sucks but not doing anything wrong sucks a lot more. If you are not making mistakes there is nothing new that can come to you. Learn to quickly lick your wounds, avoid self flagellation and figure out how wrong came to visit before onward marching soldier.

Understanding emotional bank accounts

Jesus I wish I had something smart to write here. I know emotional bank accounts exist and I know they can be overdrawn and contain deposits but… I’ve made deposits and found a zero balance and I’ve found an overdraft where I didn’t know I had an account so – My money is on the belief that emotional bank accounts exist but if the bank is wonky, your balance might be outa whack no matter what you do.

Shit doesn’t usually work the first time

If every improvement worked, people would be improving so much that our heads would be on bearings. This dimension contains a certain amount of fuckupery and like sand, it gets in everything. Your first one should be your worst one.

Wake Up The Dead – Reed Foehl

Your imagination is filthy

Ever had plugged sinuses? Sonofabitch can throttle you! You won’t sleep. Breathing will be thy food and tissues thy favored and necessary friend. Imaginations are the same. They plug up with bullshite we’ve been fed by well meaning government paid teachers, well meaning government paid bureaucrats, well meaning government paid politicians and well meaning government paid henchmen. Not to mention well meaning corporate types. As soon as one determines that they have heard but one slice of the people pie, that person can then begin the journey of scoping out the crust, the pan, the oven, oven timer, uh oven mitts and… you get the picture.

Mama and dada don’t always tell the ‘trute’

Santa, the easter bunny and captain kangaroo are fake. Countries are an invention. Time is an invention. Color names, invented. A pizza is loaf of bread with tomato sauce and cheese for twenty bucks. Businesses collude or gas stations are good at guessing competitor prices. Cops stretch the truth. Criminals wear suits. Prison is college for criminals. More taxes equals higher debt. The inflation rate is 300% more than we are told. Accreditation is worthless. It’ll take them 30 years to get to your street. You don’t own your home. Your family has been fractionalized without your input. Airports and cow corrals are the same.

It all comes down to money

Man, how I wish this weren’t true. Borrow money from anyone and don’t pay them back and see it your are still friends. Even parents will leave their children for the wolves if the little beggars pawn too much shite. God wants your moola. Governments want your currency. Groceries will be traded for cashola. You are worth so much and that’s it. Figure out what that number is as quickly as possible and then spend every waking moment trying to improve your monetary and synergistic value on account of nobody gives two shits about you personally. Dig it.

Notice your suspension of disbelief

Shit needs to be pondered. Considered. Reflected upon. But no one does. They meme their way through life without ever contemplating that they might be absolutely mistaken about reality. There might be no god. Sports might be rigged. Politics might be a sport. Ford might not make the best truck and solar might not be free. Mind control is a fact but the interesting part of that fact is whom is doing the mind controlling and whom is being controlled. If you’ve laughed at a television show or cursed some stupid bastard in traffic, you know what I mean. Find out who is running your mouth then get with that person and physician, heal thyself!

Hold back nothing

There might be multiple lives but so far, the jury is still out on this existence being but one of many flashes in the pan called life. My advice, after 60 years of holding back, is to not do what I have done. I waited. I hesitated. I followed others. Did as I was told. I was a good runner up and a great guy to lean on. And unhappy as shit. Only when I activated myself by learning about self actualization and it’s inner workings did I actually begin to realize my potential. That was ten years ago and I’m still a long way from topping out so for god’s sake, cut yourself loose and let the banners fly!

Why do people use guilt as a motivator?

Because it works! Guilt is responsible for twisting more guts into knots, for getting more dogs kicked and for selling more cards and flowers than any other factor. See guilt. Taste guilt. Avoid guilt by noticing it and letting it pass you by. There ain’t any medals for dying early from stress so shield the hell up against guilt!

If you do your job right, no one with think about you

Anyone who builds anything should know this. People don’t care much about who made their stuff unless it ain’t made right!

Synchronicity is a real thing

Co-incidence happens way too often to be chance. Something else is going on here. Ima ad more to this.

more coming more coming

Everlast – What It’s Like




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