Stop Nuclear Energy. Heck, Stop Anything.

God Hates Fags Kid With Sign

He don't like bad sign carriers neither

The crowd who cried wolf. (TCWCW)

Stop protesting with signs and such and start falling down without notice more often.

It’s a great alternative that gets rave reviews.

I can see how this might be not good for folks who pass out regular, though.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Green Peace is employing fear to beat the bandwagon while utilities employ corrupt political power to get what they want. I wonder who will win if we keep employing “stand up” politicians…

And of course, how can anyone forget…?

Or these smart fuckers (both paid and nonsalaried) who reveal that everyone can problem solve so it must be by choice not to.

3 Responses to “Stop Nuclear Energy. Heck, Stop Anything.”

  1. by choice not to. Hah! I like that.


  2. who will be the first nuclear employee to drop on the job.

    for two fucking minutes, man.

    two minutes that will change the world.

    someone in management.


  3. and then dude wakes up with no memory.

    Time off with pay.

    Think bitchez won’t get the idea?


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