Surfing My Father’s Wave Of Anguish


Sometimes its okay and other times I can barely contain the disruptive memory of my father’s final torment.

Just daze before he winked out of existence a surge of alien emotion washed over him

So powerfully that it threatened to dredge everyone in his party from Sanity Beach into

The murky abyss of Annihilation Bay. Dude’s bodily functions were deserting

Him and this scary, uncharted land emanated fearful sights and

Distressing sounds totally foreign to anyone aboard the

Good ship “Grassyside Ofthefence” and I drifted

Uneasily with him, straddling his grave

And quietly repeated the fervid

Hope that I would never

Again tread this way

Because now I see

A different path.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Dude was a born again christian and amazing grace was his was his favorite tune. Shore love you, pa. Thanks Ray.



3 Responses to “Surfing My Father’s Wave Of Anguish”

  1. Joan is another of dad’s wives.

    Yeah, like a lot of folks, he had more than one.

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  3. Thank ya.

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