Swimming In Unreal Soup

Monday was made up.

Someone made Monday up.

The earth, the name the earth was made up. Someone made that up.

The thing before it was called the earth was made up. Somehow it was made up.

Getting made up is what stuff does and it does it pretty well.

Like us. We’re made up and we make ourselves up.

Following our own script as soon as we realize that there is one.

If we want to….

Everything and everyone is totally unreal until they strike or impinge upon us.

Until their spittle sparkles our cheek or their cool gun barrel bubbles a marble of cranial skin, they are removed.

Not there perhaps.

Maybe. One never knows…

Contact changes and should change everything.

Some things should be struck as they are meant to be struck. Others not.

Strike the wrong thing. No.

Strike the right thing for the wrong reason. No.

But we must strike out.

We must. We must.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




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