Synchronicity – The Emotional Grid at Work

emotional grid - four leaf clover graphicCarl Jung called it synchronicity.

I call it The Emotional Grid because I believe that human intent plays a role.

Similar in structure to magnetic fields, I believe these mobile invisible grids create intersections upon which all physical events unfold. The “grid” I am imagining is made up of human intention and its physical manifestation within a time frame and it describes those specific interactions within a designated time continuum.

For some reason I feel that none of these dimensions (grids) are stationary but all are conjoined like intertwined gears in a clock. This clock, however, is connected with many other clocks, all operating at different speeds within an overarching time frame.

This intersecting component I describe as a grid involves all living (or objects in motion) things and is usually recognized only through meaningful interactions of seemingly disconnected events.

These revelations for the most part do not impinge upon our awareness because they are usually very mundane in nature.

Gridbone Connected to the… Gridbone

I propose that the Emotional Grid is like a merry go round of time and events in so much that the time and place we “get on” is significant because it determines who and what we will be interacting with in the future.

Furthermore, I think that once a person is aware of how their own grid functions, they can adjust the speed of their interactions to avoid collision courses with other entities or circumstances. This would be called placing oneself in the right place at the right time.

Please accept that my understanding of the Emotional Grid is basic but grows with every word I write as well as my willingness to pay attention to the hints provided by curious and purposeful observation of people and events in my own life.

For example, here is a nearly unbelievable series of events which transpired two days ago to my sister – Trudy – and the circumstances are indicative of the Emotional Grid she chose to ride.

One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingies

Last week my sister and her husband traveled from mid Canada to Vancouver Island on the west coast to visit our ailing father. While on the island, they played 9 holes of golf on a local course. Before teeing off, my sister removed her wedding and engagement rings in order to put on her golf glove and placed the rings in her pocket as she had often done before.

At the end of the game she went to retrieve the rings and realized she had lost them somewhere on the course. The  shocking discovery came at a difficult time as Trudy and her husband were already at odds (she probably won the game 😉 ) and she was hesitant to inform her sore loser golfing partner of the missing marital mascots so they returned to their hotel room in muted, ring-less silence.

emotional grid: daze of the weak graphic
Dagnabbit Johnston! There’s a Pattern!

All evening she stewed and fretted in tortured solitude about the priceless heirlooms that would cost many thousands of dollars and significant heartache to replace.

After a sleepless night my sister informed her hopefully well rested and happy mate about the rings that were now gone, gone, gone and had been gone for so long. For the ensuing hour or so they engaged in what is known to some married folks as spirited rehashing of the past but at least they were talking.

After all that could be said was said, my brother in law took matters into his own not believing in jewelry hands and phoned the golf course in what was one of the only things the couple could now agree upon – a  futile hope that the rings would ever turn up.

The golf course front desk chipped my brother in laws’ call to the pro shop where at that exact moment a woman was handing over two rings she found during her morning round of golf. Mrs. Good Samaritan relayed to the fellow at the pro shop that she had only just barely spotted them, as they glinted in the sun, lying in the rough at the edge of a fairway.

Not By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chin

The timing  of the call was uncanny and everybody involved in the transaction was aghast at the unlikelihood of the event transpiring as it did.

I would be interested in your thoughts regarding the statistical likelihood of these points:

  1. What are the odds that my sister’s rings would be found?
  2. While they were still there (on vacation)?
  3. By someone honest?
  4. What are the odds that she would divulge her loss to her husband when she did?
  5. What are the odds that after all the delays, the ringfinder would appear just as the call for help was made?
  6. How often does this happen where one of the parties “just barely misses” one of the first five points?

Something is up here, ladies and gents and I aim to figure out what it is.

Any stories you could provide that are of similar nature would be helpful because I feel it’s going to take a lot of looking and understanding to uncover this Emotional Grid fully but when we do, we’ll be the Luckiest Dang People on the planet.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. Well Then Barry (my thought provoking buddy)
    You are on to something here….I can tell you of many such occasions but I will stick to 1 for now….I am constantly “losing” my mobile phone but never ever lose it?? here is an example…
    I had been working on a construction site out in the sticks (countryside) in a little village called Aveton Gifford 20 miles from home and finished as usual at 5 pm. On returning home I realised my phone was missing, but rememembered I had placed it on the roof my van whilst sorting out to leave site, I looked to see if it was still there..”no such luck!!”..So I promptly jumped back into the van and headed back to the site to see if it had fallen off there?(Please bear in mind these are tree lined winding country roads) with the light fading and travelling at 50mph I spotted something on the edge road against the grass verge …”low and behold my trusty little mobie” it had been flung off the roof to the other side of road the as I drove around a bend about 2 miles from site and survived without a scratch…..WHAT WERE THE ODDS OFF THAT??? Is that the Luckiest Dang Phone on the planet…?

    Lets Hope You Find The Answer
    all the very best

  2. Hey Mr. Mike,

    Buddy, with two great minds on the case, how can we NOT uncover the formula for being in the right place at the right time?

    Your story is intriguing because:

    1. Are Thoughts Random? Why did the thought about a missing phone pop into your conscious mind
    at that time? (suggests unconscious awareness)
    2. Do We Possess Unconscious Levels of Faith in Ourselves? You instantly acted on the faith that you would find your phone. How did that faith develop?
    3. On Time Events Can Be Altered In The Future. If your vehicle speed would have been slightly higher, the phone would have careened into tall grass and these circumstances would have been meaningless to us.

    You were likely unaware that the speed you were driving on the way home was the perfect speed and that you were in the right place at the right time. Its almost like reality can be “played back” when we are “on time” and events can be unraveled and altered.

    4. Life Is Trying To Get Our Attention. The chances of your phone being in pristine condition so that not even the quality of the items involved changed leads me to believe that the entire event was constructed by yourself for another reason. Are we constantly and unconsciously trying to convey knowledge to ourselves but for the most part not paying attention?

    Wow! Some great thoughts have evolved from your story mister. I would be interested to hear about other experiences that come to your mind as we open up the doors of perception.

    Thank you so much for your time and thoughts Mike. I really appreciate it.

  3. @Barry Williams,
    Hello again Barry my thought provoking Buddy..
    Whoa..What an amazing deduction…albeit misinterpreted…
    Please be assured that my “story” was in fact accurate to the extent that timings & speed travelled were approximate, the phone itself was in a leather phone cover, vital details I failed to include, leading you to draw your logical conclusion.
    This is an extremely interesting subject and will be following it with curiosity…
    all the best….MIKE

  4. My interest is in the fact that you found your phone versus how a single altered aspect would have ensured you did not find it.

    If, for example, the phone had no cover, the hard plastic would have had less friction on the roadway than the soft leather cover and would have skidded into the grass where it would remain lost until some hiker possibly picked it up.

    Your vehicle speed at the time of phone loss was perfect for finding the phone later, even though you were unaware of its importance.

    All I am pointing out here is the unlikelihood of your phone being found, given all the factors that had to come into play for the event to unfold in a happy manner.

    I’m still thinnin’ on it…

    Thanks Mike.

  5. Hi Barry

    Your Emotional Grid is really interesting territory and I am sure that we can all relate uncanny stories just like your sisters. I would call these events serendipity or “happy surprises”. I don’t know how many times in the course of running the project; I have found myself at a total loss for answers to complex problems. Frequently, I have come home from work and turned on the television, to find the very topic that had me flummoxed, being discussed. This same pneumonia has appeared in newspaper articles, unexpected phone calls and meetings.

    In my opinion, there is a very “helpful” force at work in the universe and we can call it what we like i.e. an Emotional Grid, Serendipity or the Law of Attraction. Who cares what we call it, the incredible thing is that it works. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew how to make full use of it?

    This was a really interesting blog, on an absolutely fascinating subject, I’ll be checking back to see how this discussion develops.

    Best, Theresa

  6. Hi Barry,
    you know I don’t understand some of the stuff you write, but this is a great story about your sister! Maybe God was trying to tell them something about their marriage….maybe the new found very symbolic rings and being at odds over something as silly as a golf game was something He had planned! 🙂 Just to let folks know there are more important things in life!

    Anyway…I just wanted to tell you I love your pic on the sidebar! Hope all is well and thanks for this great story! 🙂

    Lisa recently posted..Is Making Money Online Your True Passion

  7. Thanks Lisa.

    Madam, I too, don’t understand some of the stories I write so I don’t blame you!

    Thanks for the compliment on my photo, I made that face myself…

    Have a grand day missus.

  8. A confession Barry, you’re a great bloke and everything, 8) but I don’t believe in Synchronicity as a separate force, only as one of the ways we look at the world.

    Here’s my take on your example:

    1) The odds are quite high on the rings being found either by your Sister or someone else. They were lost on a public golf course, when your Sister was playing golf, so in a location that many, many other golfers will walk through.

    2) It’s MORE likely they would be found while on vacation. They have recently been lost, so if the rings are in a convenient place they will be found sooner rather than later.

    3) I think that the majority of people are basically honest, and that educated sports people are more honest than most.

    4) This is a very short time window. The more likely time was immediately, when your Sister discovered the loss. However the next most likely time was the following morning, after your Sister had been worrying about it all night. Let’s face it, we can totally discount the 6-8 hours when your Sister and her husband were sleeping.

    5) Again, quite high odds that both calls would happen at the same time. Your Brother in Law phoned after breakfast, and when he thought the golf shop would be open. The keen lady golfer had got up earlier for her morning round, and phoned when she finished the course.

    I still love reading your posts Barry, they ALWAYS make me think, and usually make me laugh. 8)

    John McNally recently posted..Top 10 Science Fiction Films

  9. Lemme show you something, oh wise friend of mine.

    Lets call this The Big BAM Theory.

    I’d like to show you what I mean via a short video we will mind-produce together. Here, have some popcorn and a soda pop. (That will be £20 please 😎 )

    As the lights go down and the scene opens we see a film crew shooting some footage of a kid on a tricycle.

    The crew follows this kid wheeling around carelessly in a chaotic fashion but every once in a while the little dude drives over a bump. When he does, the entire film crew yells “BAM!” and then everything continues as before. Before long another rhyme-less / reason-less BAM can be heard and our first movie together is starting to get old…

    Our view expands to reveal another crew filming not far from the first and they are shooting the same scene with different actors. BAM, BAM we hear. “What is with all this BAMing?” we think, sprinkling just a wee bit too much mundane salt over the event.

    When our view expands even further we see yet another crew and then another and another.

    Each BAM on its own makes little sense and none of the kids will ever figure out what we can see only from a distance; they are each driving over a buried pipe that none of them recognize. Only from a distance can the pipe and then its neighbor be seen.

    That is what I am looking for, the buried pipeline that is revealing itself through bumps. Particles & waves, its all in how we look at it…

    Thanks mister, I really appreciate your thoughts.

  10. @Barry Williams, I gotta stop mixing LSD with my porrige.

    What a corny answer!

  11. This shite is still happening and our Emotional Grid experiments are ongoing.

    This power we corral is something akin to gravity and described with terms like “lucky fucker” or “silver spoon”.

    Pay attention, friends. And report back, please.
    Barry Williams recently posted..I Must Be Mentally ill Or I Wouldn’t Be Doing This

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