The Battle of Britain and Uh, America, Etc.

These fighters are a flying a little too close fer comfort.

Everybody start searching everybody. (ESSE)

And watch your neighbor, please!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Shooting down Nazi planes by the score! One Hundred and Sixty Nine pilots shot down in one day! But, everyone got into the recycling effort and saved the day…

Never-mind that these airborne exploding human balloons were the best of our species… regardless of the uniform.

And now for something more real:

10 Responses to “The Battle of Britain and Uh, America, Etc.”

  1. Don’t tell me shite’s not real.


  2. Okay, you can tell me but am I getting paid by the hour?


  3. And whose coke to I have to suck to make this all happen?


  4. I meant Do not to.


  5. by the hour. a zillion calendars and we want to break it down.


  6. one hundred people per week on this project.



  7. A long time ago NEXT!


  8. Okay, so Coke-cola makes the world go round.


    I’m good with that.


  9. I’m still good with this.


  10. I gotta stop drunk commenting.

    Of course, that would end most of it so that’s out of the question.



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