The Captain Hollers “Heaven Ahoy!” But The Gate Says ‘Straights Of Hell’

Most folks know about man overboard.

They would likely yell it out loud upon

witnessing a passenger hopping over

the railing into the deep blue sea

but if everyone is bailing then

shouting man overboard is

a waste of good breath.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Canada is in the best financial position of any country in the world so blah de blah de blah blah. Look for dead people with life jackets.

Okay, we’ve got a wee bit ‘o debt but still, WE DAH BESSS!!!!!!!!

Graphic: Canada’s National Debt – 11/2012

I call YIKES!

Government Spending In Canada: Federal, Provincial Governments Log $82 Billion In Spending Overruns

Course, on the other side of the world everything’s different…

 China’s massive real estate bubble, ghost cities

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