The Ceramic Sink That Cracked Itself

Many folks harbor intriguing little life mysteries.

For some it is “why was I singled out for shortness or fatness and

for others it might be “what cracked this beautiful, newly

installed basin?”  Well, no one knew what cracked

the basin and those same people were eager

to have the basin installer “leave it

alone!” which almost happened

as the crack faded into our

family history until just

today when I grabbed

a towel to dry my

hands & and the

whole damn towel ring separated and impacted epi-center of the cracked zone.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



4 Responses to “The Ceramic Sink That Cracked Itself”

  1. Holy fuck. If your father sees this.

    We can’t blame it on his workmanship.

    Dude will fleep.


  2. Go find the little wrench thingy.

    In the plastic cabinet! Just look, they’re in there!

    Jesus christ. How hard did you pull this? It won’t slide back on!

    Did you, oh, here. Are both ends the same size?

    For shit’s sakes. Do you know where the flashlight is?

    Which way’s on with these stupid things?

    Did you find the flashlight?!


  3. Now don’t pull so hard!

    Shit! You can see those cracks…


  4. Three years I looked at that crack every day.

    Three years that crack looked at me.

    I wonder what it was thinking.


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