The Day The Dawg Ate TEPCO’s Home Work

My throat swells and I start to gag every time I hear the name TEPCO.

TEPCO stands for Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tales Every Person Chokes On.

Boy, do these motherfuckers bend the truth!

They haven’t reported the radiation dosage of any of their employees working at Hell-Hole Fukushima in almost two years on account of the original employee radiation figures were recorded on paper and haven’t been transcribed into digital data yet!

The fucking paper is likely too hot to handle.

Like the employees.

Wow, I wholly disapprove of this company and all they stand for because whatever it is, it ain’t human.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Unbelievable first 52 seconds of this video.

Fukushima, Japan: News From The Meltdowns

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