The Edge Of My Mind. Found.

This disturbed and disturbs me.

My next thought was hey heroes.


More later.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I might need extra lubrication today for the friggin paradigm shift I just experienced. This is what it takes now. Street football. Hmm.

Keep your eye off the ball.

2 Responses to “The Edge Of My Mind. Found.”

  1. Great,

    When the video started, Google Ads displayed an ad for life insurance. When the space man stole the golf course flag, I got an add for lost/stolen credit cards. Is this a scam I see before me? or is I’m Just A Minstel, just menstrual for me?

    Love Don


  2. This dude is acting like there are no rules.

    He’s acting like you can divot the fuck out of an expensive golf green on an exclusive golf course with stupid fucking boing-boing shoes. (look how fast the golf maniacs attack him. These boys are ready to roll!)

    Motherfucker could get shot for some of these PRANKS he is pulling and he sure does get jumped on & punched a lot by the “authorities”.

    But still, he could be SHOT. For stealing a parking ticket book. Or a smoke grenade at soldiers. Or a soccer ball into a police van. And some folks will say he should be shot.

    And that’s the point of why he does it.

    Things have gotten pretty friggin weird.


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