The En-Tire Human Race

That tire, she’s a wobble.

That tire lose her tread.

That tire outa balance.

This tire air bin bled

Outa that tire, into thin air.

That tire sidewall bulging there.

This tire Out a alignment.

Squealin’ lika pig.

That tire low ‘n flappy.

That tire done it’s gig.

Here tire new and shiny.

No tire look like dat.

This tire drippin’ dog pee.

Dey treat big wheels like at.

Dem tires sidewall cracked hard.

Hold dair air no mo’.

Dat tire new but got no match.

That tire go no where.

Tires, they help you go some.

Keep ’em straight and true.

But break ’em loose

Or burn ’em up

Tires, they pop on you.




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