The Knots In The Sheets Spelled Escape And Anyone Who Read Them Could


A bump, a rattle and a muffled voice,

Something hitting against the wall.

Could be furniture, could be heads,

Or a real soft wrecking ball.


Blah-Bam! They hear through the ear pressed glass,

A monster was awake next door.

Everyone remembers savoring their quiet,

Cause there wasn’t gonna be no more.


Boom! goes the music. Boom! go the shooters.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Is how the music shooters go.

Silence is their enemy, they’ll have no part!

Ever louder as they polish on the glow.


Go! if you can’t stand the booming.

You better Go! if you can’t take a shot.

Hide! from the noise if you need peace and quiet.

You better Go! before the party starts to rock!


The noise from next door spilled onto the street.

Their masks helped them wreck a picket fence.

Rabble-rousers burning all their stolen stuff,

It was a chaotic carnival event.


From above he watched at his window.

The dancing, the hooting and holler.

There was a big, bitter pill to be swallowed,

A big, bitter pill without water. (suck on it!)


See, no one could stand in his way but himself,

And he was happy to block his own path.

But as soon as he groked how real things were,

Everyone noticed his wrath. (diminish)

They all saw a big lack of wrath.


Because it wasn’t the booms or the shooters he heard

That drove him further around his own bend.

No, the racket squeeked out from inside his noggin

He’d give it all before that racket could end. (He’d half to!)

When he was empty the racket would end…


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.






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