The Masses Were Told They’d Be Damn Well Paid For Doing Absolutely Nothing At All

Two boats.

Boat number one has a few old bastards while boat number two has nearly none.

A strong rope ladder binds them together.

Skin time in the sun colors white to pink and red and though not soon enough for some red melts into tan.

Tan turns into wrinkled hide and boat number one gets more passengers.

Don’t everybody hang on the starboard side, the captain thinks to himself.

They don’t but still they keep coming…

Every day, a few more oldsters.

Standing along the rail sometimes, or of course 

blocking hallways and doors.

Shit! No using the bathrooms this morning and coffee’s running low

but the seniors still pile on. Each one carving a place on deck.

Would you save this spot for me sir?

Each one nursing their Paperwork with which their boat now fires its boilers. 

Rations didn’t arrive from Boat Two today and they’ve stopped responding to calls.

But still they send their old timers. Now everyone’s wrestling for space on deck.

Ship one, she is getting fool.

Calm down! Calm down! For god’s sake calm down! The captain loudhailed last night.

Cappy must be having nightmares too because everyone else was asleep.

The waterline slinks up to meet them and still the beggars board.

They board, they’re bored, plenty ‘o bored on board.

One day life preservers are hurriedly flung out but there ain’t enough to go around.

Boat one’s engine room is flooding!

They’re going nowhere now but down.

The boat hasn’t even left her station! They’re all sinking right here at port!

No need to jump overboard now as the cold dark rises to meet them.

Boat Two quickly slices her ladder, they’re not going down with boat one.

In boat one they all play Don’t Get Sucked Down Too and the plucky folks flail away.

A good boat has gone away today. The boat has gone away…

Don’t you also get sucked away today!

The hardy ones grab a floatie and notice by Boat Two’s wake

That she is steaming out to sea with all the haste a survivor can make.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



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