The Old Man Taught Short Cuts Because Cheap Was All He Ever Knew

For fifteen years the cynical young dude had been taking the easiest, simplest route to everywhere and everything.

Nothing fancy, it was just a way of doing things in the fastest,

cheapest manner and no words were ever spoken about

how whatever it was could be done better or good.

No, it never came up so mediocre became the

norm and even when being just barely

acceptable didn’t sit right anymore

the young fella tried blaming

everything and everyone

else before he considered influencing his life’s creator.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

4 Responses to “The Old Man Taught Short Cuts Because Cheap Was All He Ever Knew”

  1. I was pretty fucked up for many years because my father taught me that the short cut was always your best option.

    That and not wasting time finishing off the last 5% of anything were two big lessons he laid on me.

    For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why dad used the short cut but then I realized that he always undercut competitors to get auto body jobs, exterior painting jobs and oil field steam cleaning jobs.

    We were always the cheapest and who in their right mind expects quality for cheap?

    I did… that’s where my confusion came from.


  2. I know a lot of people who “save it” for the right time, and until then, they do barely what is necessary.

    I was always wondering if they will recognize the “right time” when it comes, and what exactly will they do then!
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Yeah, I wonder when “the time is right” too, Lily.

    Saving is a bad thing and that’s why most people can’t do it. It just don’t feel proper – kinda like cheating our way to success.

    Piling up, on the other hand, is a good thing and this is why shite piles up on its own.

    Now, how do we get value to pile up?


    Barry Williams Reply:

    I shouldn’t say saving is a bad thing. Its not. Its just unnatural.

    Animals that appear to be saving (squirrels, for example) are actually piling on and piling up. They pile on the weight by imbibing as much energy as possible and they store the stuff that’s left over.

    Piling up is easy when there is too much of something – as every pack rat knows. Saving limits our intake. Skims off the top. Keeps the cream for itself.

    Actually, maybe saving IS bad…


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