The Pain Of No Gain Is Easy To Carry But Not Alone Or For Very Damn Far

one heavy ant spoils the whole raft

Most folks have no idea how hazardous boredom can be.

Because they’re mostly head down – arse up, Jo/sephine Average hums through life at a predictable pace, seldom contemplating their level of detachment from the very reality they have conjured to survive in.

This precariously mundane approach to living sans full speed ahead leads to thick skins and is usually accompanied by an “I do what I can” demeanor which quietly creates a predilection to accepting existence without ever questioning how anyone might invoke their unique capacity to create a better world.

Without fail though, one day everything flips upside down and normal becomes abnormal and we are struck with an incredible impulse to climb uncharted mountains and because loads of folks are so far away from the sort of peaked pikes

Capable of providing the thrills and spills required by Monotony Man, the nearest

Casino / whorehouse / gang will suffice and before anyone can say hey Jack

You better get back a pile of wagers / compromises / bad tats will have

Attached themselves to pally’s existence. Now when dude

Awakens each morning the juice that once upon a time

Initiated yawns now dredges thoughts preceded

By the gut wrenching phrase “no, no, no…”

Which of course is muttered with our

Inside voice because if this stuff

Gets out for anyone to see

It will be evident that

Whatever our load

Was before this

It was far too

Little for one

Person to carry.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



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