The Paradigm Shift Waltz


Got numbers?

Numbers are just representations.

Like a cross, sword or actor’s demeanor.

They mean different things to different people.

As in:


“Here’s the total. Seventy-five thousand…”

“Holy Shit! Seventy-five thousand is a lot!”

“We think it should be more…”

“More?! I think it should be less!”

“More is better for us.”

“Yeah well, less is better for me. I’m happier with less.”

“We’ve changed our mind. Don’t want to sell now. Becausa your denigration of what we thought were already low numbers. Look at those shingles! They’re new!”

“What? My lack of consideration for your numbers is causing you to change your mind?! That’s crazy! They’re just numbers!”

“Yeah well, it turns out that we had more invested in those representations than we thought. So Fuck Off…”

“No, YOU fuck off you twisted retard!” (throws rock at house, another representation)

“WHAA..! Why you…! Uhhgg…” (wraps arm around rock thrower’s neck and attempts to wrestle her to the ground)

“GET YER…!” (struggling)


“I guess the deal’s off,” a person says, looking out the window of their representation.

“I guess it is,” another representative agrees.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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