The Police Union’s Last Dues


The lights went out at 401 Fairing.

The air conditioning turned off.

Not a drop of water could be sprinkled in a basin.

Whether shit basin, hand basin or bath.

The telephones stopped working at 401 Fairing

about the same time we felt uneasy.

It was a general foreboding of overwhelming odds.

Like shit must feel right before fan.

Custer’s last stand. Titanic’s captain.

Or astronaut on STS-51-L.

It wasn’t long. They couldn’t stand it.

They came out and turned themselves in.

Sure, they were just kids, but truants as well.

It warranted mucho, mucho underwhelming force.

So underwhelmed they became, and

if they’re really, really smart

underwhelmed is what they’ll continue to be.

Cause underwhelmed is for the truly, truly free.

(leave some fo y’sef)


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.





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