The Stockholm Syndrome – There’s Plenty For Everybody So No Need To Poosh

Most folks have never trapped a deer in their vehicle headlights.

If they had, they would be able to powerfully describe their feeling

of witnessing a sentient being snagged in a quagmire of utter

confusion in the middle of The Land Ruled by Unknown

Rules and how, as soon as it regained its wits, that

being skittered as fast as its hooves could over

come inertia toward that place virtually

invisible to anyone accustomed to traveling at light speed.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “The Stockholm Syndrome – There’s Plenty For Everybody So No Need To Poosh”

  1. One time during a two car race in the backwoods of Manitoba a deer came up out of the ditch and hit the passenger side door of my brother’s car while we were doing over one hundred miles per hour.

    Everyone in the vehicle was very familiar with the effect of hitting a deer at highway speed and real happy that the beggar didn’t get out in front of us. That would have been not good.

    After winning the race we turned around and went back to see what had happened to the deer as it made quite a loud bang on the door when it hit and as we approached the scene we saw a mid-size fawn lying stunned in the middle of the pavement.

    Stunned meaning I thought it was dead.

    I went over and put my arms around its neck and arse to pick it up off the road and instantly the fucking thing came to life and started trying to jump away from me. Having heard about their sharp hooves I was also trying to get safely away from the now crazy beast and for 20 seconds or so the two of us put on quite a late night dance routine for the audience witnessing my heroic maneuver.

    Fucking deer.


  2. It was the deer’s fault.


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