The Subconscious & Consciousness Speak Through Emotions Wild And Free

Ain’t no one stopping the subconscious from doing what it wants.

Like an untamed dog chained to a tree, it barks, growls and can bite anything or anyone that gets too close to it. Or it may decide to head to the other side of its mooring in order to escape contact with intruders.

Everything hinges on the approach.

The unconscious knows when eyesight is poking into it’s darkness and it don’t like being watched so avert yer gaze pilgrim, avert yer gaze!

“What?!” is the first thing a person will get from their subconscious when they peer into it. “What do you want? What are you doing here? Who invited you, didn’t you see the NO ONE IS HOME signs?!”

Yeah, the old subconscious ain’t much into visitors.

Its just fine and dandy on its own and it don’t take kindly to interruptions or alarms, either.

Don’t phone before you come or better yet, don’t come! The subconscious wants to be left alone to explore the world through the plentiful states of human trance and it would like to do so without any queries or schedules.

Still, if you want to find a place where emotions don’t exist, the subconscious is where you want to head. Here contrast carries no weight and time is not allowed a foothold upon which to determine the passing of anything.

In fact, wily Senior Subconscious is unrecognizable but the beggar recognizes everything. Kinda like the odd god.

The subconscious is a breachable one way street with signs in the same language for everybody. Each person forms their own word groups to describe the unconscious signs they experienced so they may convey them in the realm of their consciousness. Interpretations of the same sign can vary widely or be remarkably similar in separate cultures.

These signs we attempt to explain are memes, timeless concepts portrayed as symbols, mandalas and fractals and the further one travels into this sea of signs, the more will be encountered until finally one reaches the place of No Sign Of Life. (quite a ways back)

Every meme has at least one sign in the subconscious and they bob like sailors in a life-raft when emotions sneak by to pick up their paychecks.

When memes undulate in the subconscious they create waves of emotion in consciousness which then begin waving back, thereby creating a feedback loop for the sightless subconsciousness to obtain fresh info. The same way waves eventually dump trash on beaches.

And like the unseen hand manipulating a puppet, the subconscious pulls strings and pushes buttons that blow whistles, flash lights and ring true in our consciousness and that grand puppeteer is in its groove when Pinocchio is flapping in the breeze like some grand kite on its indistinguishable path to nowhere.

A child operating a remote toy via radio wave control is similar to the subconscious in that a quiet and invisible glee washes over it when it can impinge upon reality.

Our subconscious lives in our shadow and from that darkened place it animates us.

The closer we are to it, the less emotion we feel and only on the exterior of conscious awareness can bliss be found.

In this realm, undulating emotions waver between feeling absolutely nothing where we want to jump off a bridge to re-immerse ourselves in the warmth of the unconsciousness to yearning to experience overwhelming emotion so we jump out of an aircraft instead.

The distance between zero emotion and bliss can be great. Far too great for most to even imagine traveling.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans will live without knowing that the ink writing their story does not emanate from the ball of their pen but is contained in a hidden cylinder which no one thinks to check until it runs out.

Meaning their story is complete until they sharpen their pencil.

And pencils can be sharpened if people want to.

We only have to find the sharpener.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




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