The World Has A Solution For Us

Are you aware of the microbes in your body?

They are aware of you.

They live in your big-ass livingness.

And they care somewhat about you.


Are you aware of the genes in your body?

They are aware of you.

They live in your thoughts, your desires

and capabilities. Those genes are lovin’ on you.


Are you aware of your autonomic nervous system?

Your autonomic nervous system knows you.

That shit’s running your shit, on autopilot

it flies you so that you can fly too.


Are you aware that your environment determined you?

Your environment was aware of you.

And every time you attempted to change it.

Your environment slipped a bag over you.

(you want unhappy? Well, here’s unhappy!)


Are you aware that there’s shit that you seldom thought about

Working its magic on you?

Not just gravity, homeostasis or your facial landscape

Saying do what you’re gonna do.


You’re a pilot if you can flyout

A player if you can pay.

But the forces upon you are serious organized.

And they need you badly to play.

There’s no quitting.

You’re in.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

finger eleven – Paralyzer

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