The Young Collection Agent Called Me A Loser. I Am Forced To Agree With Him.

“Anybody who goes bankrupt is a LOSER!”

The smart-alecky whippersnapper collection agent yipped at me.

“Did you just call me stupid?!” was the brightest thing I could think of to say back to him. Did you just call me stupid…?

Criminy, I’m losing my touch if that’s all I can come up with.

But you know, maybe the young financial advisor has a point.

Maybe I AM a loser…

All Aboard To LoserVille

It’s pretty easy to get through life without failing and many folks choose to go that route.

Its a busy place though and a person has to wait in line a lot but there’s always room for one more pack carrier on the dusty, well worn path of already been done and continuing on.

However, if a person wants to leave some of what they brought into life, if they want to make a mark, they have to go off the tried trail and attempt something that isn’t normal or might even be considered fairly insane.

And anything out of the ordinary always enjoys a high chance of failure and sometimes things explode dramatically but really, there is no other way.

Entropy ensures that given enough time all things will fail and sometimes neither intelligence nor effort will keep the crap from hitting the fan.

Some Great Failures Who Did It With Style

I’ve gotten to know other ne’er-do-wells as I bumble my way through life and while their methods differ from mine, these folks still managed to founder in some spectacular fashion.

Just knowing this keeps me from putting too much stock into what my young detractor says.

If only I could fail like these great floppers:

abraham lincoln
Terrible At Dueling Among Other Things

Abraham Lincoln – Bankrupt twice, damn near killed in a duel (saved by his second), caught promoting anonymous hatred about opponents as a young lawyer.

Mark Twain
The Markster Knew Squat About Business

Samuel Clemens – Bankrupt, suffered deep depression, failed suicide attempt, financial backer of over a dozen business collapses also known as Mark Twain.

Johnny Paycheck
Big Ass Hat Wearing No Ass Kissing Outlaw

Donald Lytle – Bankrupt, did time in the big-house for attempted murder and rocked the world. J. Paycheck is THE LOSER.

There, that feels better, Mr. Collection agent.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

The J-meister morphed from this:

To this… What a chameleon!

12 Responses to “The Young Collection Agent Called Me A Loser. I Am Forced To Agree With Him.”

  1. Hi Barry

    It’s the collection agent who is the loser, he works for someone else and probably always will. There is no disgrace in failing at something Barry, the only disgrace is never trying.

    I have had far more failures than successes at anything I have attempted. The people who never fail are the ones who never do anything, what a way to go through life!

    You are a doer Barry and doers always win in the end.



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks Bill.

    These days we get several calls a day from collection agents and the majority of them are respectful but never-the-less, the odd jerk thinks they’re going to scare me into activity.

    I’m way past being scared now and I really appreciate your support, mister.


  2. Hi Barry,

    “Did you call me stupid?” was pretty damn mild my friend. I think i’d have swung my boot towards his R Send!!

    There’s this smug youth, working for someone else, collecting from people that have had a go at building something of their own and hit tough times due to tough times all over the world, and he runs off his mouth calling you a loser!! What big steps has he attempted in life? Probably goes home to his mummy and a hot meal at the end of his 8 hour day.

    The youth of today really do need to learn some respect, bring back national service!!

    I’ve just come from Bryan McHeyzer’s blog and his last post (no not that last post Barry) is saying about us as kids growing up, the things we did and didn’t have and how we turned out.

    Barry, it’s better to have tried and failed than to stand still with your hand held out. Like Bill says There’s no disgrace in failing, the only disgrace is never trying.

    Next time he comes around see if he can organize his lunch box on his own by asking him what his mummy put in his sandwiches.

    Have a good week my friend,

    Barry Wells


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thank you so much for your support, Barry.

    I know the young fellow is just doing his job but its THE WAY he does it that makes the difference.

    There will be a day when this is behind me and that will be fine with me. I hate the taste of crow…

    Thanks for your comments, pal.

    Talk to you later.

    The other Barry


  3. I wouldn’t worry about anything a ‘young’ person said Barry. They are not fully formed adults, and have no life experience. Therefore, almost by definition, they don’t know what they are talking about, and their opinions are naive and worthless.

    What makes them annoying, is that THEY DON’T REALISE, that they don’t know anything about life. In fact quite the reverse, often they think they have got it all sussed out. 🙄

    I am in the bankruptcy club as well Barry, (1992 – 1995). It’s one of the hazards of being an entrepreneur; i.e a “risk taker”. It was one my worst experiences, but there is life on the other side. 8) Once you get through it, a lot of worries have been removed, and you can start from scratch without a millstone of debt around your neck.

    You have good karma Barry, everything will work out. 😉

    John McNally recently posted..How to Succeed with Art


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks John.

    Yes, I remember you saying something about being bankrupt yourself and that’s good because you know how it feels to let a bunch of people down.

    This is the third financial failure I have experienced in my life and it was due to me owning 14% of a company I helped start. I was fired (by my power hungry youngest brother) but could not release my personal guarantees on the company’s accounts. When it went south 6 months after my departure, I went south with it.

    Its like the comics where something is falling and the character moves from their safe location directly under the falling object. That’s me…

    Anywho, my wounds have stopped bleeding and if I can just get this crying to stop, I’ll be in good shape. 😎

    A million thank yous for your support, John. I really appreciate it.



  4. Hi Barry, some people just don’t care so with that said who cares, you do. Knowing yourself is all. You will never fail if you know who you are. What you are made of. What you’re going to do. If you know this you can conquer all.

    One day life will hit that young guy like a big pie in the face. I believe we all get that pie sooner or later when growing up. It’s a wake up call saying welcome to the real world, now what are you going to do? That pie may come more than once in life.

    For some it doesn’t come, but it does. This world is not perfect. It is not paradise.

    Yes everything will fail when you think about it. Being a loser is making believe everything is Ok and not caring to do something about your situation. That something is what keeps us going. That something is what beats out failure, even if it’s all around you.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted..Why is a Mailing List Sooo Important


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks very much Terry.

    Yes, this experience has definitely caused me to believe more in myself and to push through when I feel like giving up.

    I have a story to tell – as we all do – about struggle, survival and even thriving in struggle.

    People need encouragement and I very much appreciate yours.

    Thanks for visiting Terry, talk to you soon.



  5. Great post Barry

    Experiencing failure and mistakes is how we learn.

    A loser is someone who does not learn from those mistakes.

    I would rather hang out with you than a collection agent 🙂

    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..What I love about Network Marketing as a Home Business Solution


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thank you for that, sir.

    And yes, I am making brand new mistakes, for the most part…

    Thanks for commenting, Peter.



  6. kellie hansen on July 12th, 2011 at 7:37 am

    im a long time the age of 52 i can pretty much see a cat food eating future,im married so im alone alot, even when hes here. we;ve declared bankruptcy twice,we both work and it never gets any better. im afraid to do myself in because ill screw it up and be semi retarded the rest of this long painful existence.thanks


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Not to worry Kellie. You are already retarded and it sounds to me like your life is done.

    Time to start afresh. Change your name if even to yourself. Sleep on the other side of the bed or at least your other side. Shave the wrong leg first. Use half / twice as much toilet paper. Listen to tunes you used to hate.

    Start voting for your new name instead of everyone else. Begin a secret love affair with you-know-who.

    And before long you will discover that reincarnation is real and we can flip that switch as often as need be.

    Plan to start charging for advice because otherwise, how you gonna settle up with me?

    Above all, have a grand day Kellie.


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