Then All Of A Sudden A Single Lemming Didn’t Make The Leap

The world is in financial and other big trouble.

Shit is hitting the fan.

Not everybody is keeping their cool.

Lance Armstrong, who is Lance Armstrong?!

People are sooo pissed at the National Security Agency.

Lookin’ to get out of the U.S.’s wild, wild west.

Gimme that ol’ new world order, gimme that ol’ new world order …

Divisions deepen.

Each survivor, stretching resources, scuttles to their end of the whaler.

To guard their pile ‘o bones.

They growl at each other and invent crazy mutual realities.

And unless someone saner in a bigger boat comes

sometime soon to save them,

they’ll drift away, surviving as they may,

through howling, gnashing teeth.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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