Then I Heard What No One Ought To Hear On Their Very First LSD Trip

Like many folks I truly appreciate my brain. Love it, even.

In light of said concern for my grey matter, for my first (and unfortunately only) LSD trip I invested

plenty of time choosing a flight controller

and quality mind fuel and only fifteen

minutes after powering down the

runway on my inaugural flyby

my pilot, visibly trembling

asks “are you, uh, feeling

those tremors because

we uh, should not be

feeling that… maybe two

tabs was too much.” I could not

decipher the tangled jumble of letters plopping from all

ready paid El Capitano’s lie hole but as dude mumbled maaayydaaayy the

first sound wave pummeled me and within seconds music lifted me from the

couch with wave upon wave pinning me against the wall. So began the longest

and most interesting life altering 48 hours of my life.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “Then I Heard What No One Ought To Hear On Their Very First LSD Trip”

  1. I experienced auditory hallucinations of first nations (back then it was Only Nation) natives worshiping the day.

    I found the cultural differences intriguing – white folks worship the evening and work for the weekend, natives the day.

    Fucking party animals.


  2. LSD also helped me understand my father. It allowed me to walk in his shoes.

    The experience was mind enhancing for sure and I never returned to who I was before the LSD trip. Now I was someone bigger, taking up more vroom.


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