There Is A Hundred Flavors Of Vanilla To Be Had. Which One Do You Want?

Day one. Turkey good.

Turkey is good.

Turkey is really, really good.


Day two. Turkey good.

Turkey still good.

Turkey soup, Turkey stew. Is good!


Day three. Turkey good.

Always turkey good. Who complain?

Point ’em out… Turkey good!


Day four. Don’t like Turkey?

Maybe eating sleep is better.

Eating sleep or eating turkey is good.


Day five. Turkey she’s a staple.

It’s turkey, turkey, turkey.

You cannot not like turkey. Any more.


Day six. I doesn’t do so hungry.

Me slips outa dat chow line.

Dat turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey.



Smail. Smail dat smail of turkey.

Dat turkey, turkey smail.

Its comin’ from us turkey’s inside out.

Oh, dat’s enough of dis ting.

Dis turkey, turkey ting.

Lets now, we go and play another game.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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