There’s A Humming Coming From The Homeless Person’s Living Room

Vampeers do exist and while they initially seem similar to average folks

their selfish intentions give them away on account of them saying

and acting as if they own everything and everyone which

often means they run roughshod through what they

perceive to be their own personal playground.

Sometimes this occurs exactly where

we are mooring our reality and

either collision or collusion

must result and should

normally be accepted. Normally.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Urban Dictionary wouldn’t accept my meaning of vampeer but you’ll have to:

Vampeer: noun

A person who sucks the life out of someone even though they have no heirarchical or relative right to.

as a verb: Vampeer = Loser User (with the person being used the loser)

example in real life: “I get that I have to bum my cheap arse-hole boss and Dad smokes but if Lucy from accounting asks for a cigarette I’m ripping her vampeer face off.”


3 Responses to “There’s A Humming Coming From The Homeless Person’s Living Room”

  1. At work we are usually in someone elses territory.

    We got to speak their language and kiss their babies arses.

    If we want to move up or out.

    How we do this is totally up to us. Hummingbirds or hawks.

    Whats it agonna bay?

  2. people gathering on streets produce a hubbub.

    from inside a house this sounds like a hum hum humming.

  3. the placebo effect is reflecting the change occurring in our reality.

    some invisible and unbelievable shite is already here and on the way.

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