They Got You By The Points!

She traded phones.

Married a data hog.

Not paying forty for three gigs

Cause the fucking nig nog

Can’t see that Wi-Fi hasn’t con

Ected his phone.

And now he’s slurping up

Data that dadda don’t own.

And he’s not alone!

People have no home!

But dey got dat phone…

Dat dey own.

Dats dey home!


Deez ting is how you side track.

Dey fool you fass, git dair whole money back.

Dey say, buddy here, we can see dat you lack,

Disis dah ting whata hep fill at crack.

Gonna give yer Monay back.

You sittin’, settle back…

Gonna cutta some slack, budday.

Gotta cut dat slack!

Gigga whacky smack!

Who’s cuttin’ slack…?


Gigga whacky smack!


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