Things Will Be Different When We Run Da Woild


We won’t use no farce when we run the world,

She’ll be happy de dappy and gay.

Hail, we’ll eat ice cream any old time

No matter what our mothers might say.


We won’t inconvenience folks anymore,

And stop them as they go to and fro.

Our people will know whatever they want,

Even stuff they don’t want to know.


Our police will truly serve and protect,

They’ll stop crimes before they are crimes.

Your neighborhood cop will be yer best friend,

And help you by not giving fines.


Old borders will vanish and passports will be toast,

We’ll travel as free as the birds.

Our people will be people and not citizens,

They’ll be no need to go with the herd.


Yeah, war cries will vanish and peace will abound,

Guns will become relics of old.

Children will clean messy rooms without spanking,

And our leaders will do what they’re told.


When we run da woild.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Tom Waits – “Bad As Me”

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